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Teach You Backwards does not sell or share your data. In fact, nobody even looks at it, other than the broad sense of seeing how many readers have visited and what countries they are coming from. There are two reasons for you to register or use an external ID to log in:

  1. You get ownership of your own comments. (If you are “guest”, you cannot easily find or associate yourself with your earlier contributions.)
  2. TYB gets some protection against spam attacks – registration presents a wall that spammers don’t usually care to penetrate, and a way to bulk-delete junk comments if someone does stage an attack.

In addition, the site uses cookies. These cookies keep your web experience humming. They are built in to the components that form the site architecture, so that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. No human is monitoring them to track your movements (as far as I know!).




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